Piano Studio

Our piano studio is equipped with 2 grand pianos, adjustable benches, and a foot step/pedal extender, all of which are necessities for a piano studio to be an effective learning facility.

Piano studio

Lessons are always taught using real grand pianos. A student plays on one piano, while the teacher uses the other piano to demonstrate and/or accompany students. Even if the student only has an upright piano at home, they can always experience the most authentic sound and touch during lessons. This is essential to develop appreciation for subtle expression and prepare for concerts.

Two Grand Pianos

Adjustable benches are as important as the pianos, because we have students of all heights. Sitting too low or high puts the player's arms in a wrong angle. As a result, the student cannot develop the correct technique that is necessary to play rapid or intricate passages smoothly and create subtle expressions. Also, playing in the wrong technique is the number one cause of hand injuries for pianists.

Adjustable bench

The pedal extender is another essential item for a piano studio. It will not only stop dangling feet from distracting students, but also provides stability for the upper body while playing. Another advantage is to allow students to learn how to use pedals without waiting for their bodies to grow.

Pedal extender

Violin Studio

Our violin studio is sound-proofed to minimize distractions during lessons. It is equipped with a large mirror to check posture and a keyboard for accompaniment. Of course, for the real accompaniment experience, we occasionally use the piano studio as well. Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in during lessons.

Violin studio

Waiting Area

There is a waiting area where families can wait during lessons. At the table, siblings can work on their homework and parents can work on their laptop. Yes, we have Wi-Fi!

Waiting area
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