Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where are you located?

Our address is 3421 Berkley Ave. Drexel Hill, PA 19026. It is about 10 minutes from Springfield, 15 minutes from Media, and 20-30 minutes from the Main Line.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to provide quality music lessons to enable students to achieve their fullest potential, improve their personal well-being, and enjoy and appreciate music for the rest of their lives. When the student achieves this level, and desires to pursue higher level of mastery, we are up for that challenge, too!

What makes your studio unique?

As a small, private music studio, we strive to take advantage of flexibility to accommodate each student's own unique goals and needs. We are dedicated performers and teachers with degrees in both performance and teaching. Just like music and our teachers inspired us so much, we would like to make positive changes to our students' lives!

To achieve our mission, we have invested in and will continue to improve facilities and our pedagogical skills to provide the most effective lessons so that everyone can get the most out of their hard work.

Why study music?

Because music is fun! It is an activity that anyone can participate in and enjoy. Our goal at Ikegami Music Studio is to provide quality music lessons so students are able to enjoy and take advantage of the many benefits of music.

Many studies have been done to prove the benefits of music. For example, music can help with the development and coordination for children and improve health and general well-being in adults. For more information and statistics about the benefits of studying music, please visit

Do you provide live performances?

Yes. We offer live piano and/or violin music in various venues including but not limited to concerts, weddings, banquets, exhibitions, and parties. If you prefer other ensembles, such as a string quartet, we can make arrangements through our network of musicians.

Please contact us for details and quotes.

How come some other places charge less for lessons?

In general, it reflects the quality of the lessons.

We provide lessons by dedicated teachers who have degrees in both performance and teaching in their own instruments. Mastering one instrument took our lifetime and teaching them well requires years of additional experience. We don't teach something that we don't know very well and don't have experience in every aspect of.

We make every effort to be cost effective so that we can continue to provide quality lessons at an affordable price. However, we do not compromise the quality of lessons for cost effectiveness, because taking less than the best quality lessons is everybody's waste of money, time, and talent.

Please see our facilities page to read more about our studio space and equipment.

Lesson and Practicing

Do I have to practice at home?

Yes! Nobody can play instruments by nature. It is the student's responsibility to practice (and perhaps the parents' responsibility to make sure their children practice) at home and acquire the skills they learn in their lessons. Good musicianship can only be achieved through the combination of good instruction and diligent practicing.

Do I need a piano or violin to take lessons?

Yes! Without practicing at home, lessons won't be much help in learning an instrument.

We help students choose and purchase the right instrument. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Can I use a keyboard or digital piano to practice at home?

Although we do not recommend using a keyboard or digital piano, it is fine if you already happen to have one. However, we need you to know that you WILL have to upgrade to a real piano eventually. In order to truly experience the piano, it is necessary to have the feel for a real piano, something that a keyboard or digital piano is not able to do.

Please see our facilities page to learn more about having the right instrument and equipment.

How long do I need to practice each day?

The key to successful practicing is quality, quantity, and frequency.

It is said, and also our recommendation, to practice as long as your lesson time, every day. In the very beginning, especially if you are of early elementary age, we may ask for shorter practice time. It is also very important that you practice the way you are instructed, instead of spending hours repeating the same mistakes.

Do you have recitals?

Yes. Recitals are the showcase of what you learned through your hard work. It is the most proud and exciting time for students, parents, and teachers.

Besides annual recitals, we provide every opportunity for our students to gain performance experiences through private concerts, competitions, and other events.

Please check out some of our students' performances in our testimonials and YouTube channel

Tuition and Policy

What is included in the monthly tuition?

Monthly tuition guarantees lessons at same time, on the same day of the week, every week. There will always be at least 4 lessons in a month, and if the month contains a 5th lesson day, the 5th lesson will be taught at no extra charge.

Can I take bi-weekly or occasional lessons?

Because music training is a continuing process, we recommend no fewer than once a week lessons. However, if you want only single or occasional lessons, we provide those lessons as well.

What if I miss a lesson?

Because your lesson time is reserved just for you, if you miss a lesson, we cannot issue refunds. With that said, as long as we receive advanced notice, we do our best to reschedule depending on availability.

Can we take a break from lessons?

Yes, although we do not recommend going without lessons for an extended period of time. We, however, do not want to deprive our students' families of family vacations or other situations. We allow rescheduling flexibility during holidays and extended breaks during the summer. In the case you would like to take a break from lessons for any other reason or discontinue lessons, we require a 4-week notice for termination of lessons.

For more details, please see our Tuition and Policies.

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